About Bauer Physical Therapy

Randy Bauer PT, ATC is the Owner of Bauer Physical Therapy in Laguna Hills, CA. He has provided treatment and education of spine and back related disorders for over 25 years. While complete care of your back requires a physical assessment, manual treatment, appropriate modalities, and ongoing education, providing information that is basic, will allow you to manage your back pain more effectively.

I tell my Back Patients all the time that, “Once a Back Patient, Always a Back Patient”. This means that the care of your back becomes a constant vigil. Hopefully, you are not destined to the constant control of the symptoms with pain meds and muscle relaxants, but can manage your symptoms proactively. You have the ability to do something about your back pain.

This is what Bauer Back Basics is all about: What can you do to help your cause? Just as there are many things (stressors) that cause back pain, so are there many things (relievers) that will help your cause. Back pain is often the result of many small stresses adding up over time to create physical changes. This impacts the varied structures of the spine (joints, ligaments, discs, muscles). The result is pain in the back and neck, referred symptoms to the extremities (sciatica), compensatory spasm, muscle weakness and tightness. All this affects the way you function daily at work, play or sport.

Prolonged Static Posture

Prolonged Static Posture

It is the goal of Bauer Back Basics to provide information and discussion that gets to the basic principles of Health and Healing. Health is about balance, and the attention to your body and mind when it is upset. Healing is about change and the intention to do something about it. The first big step is committing yourself to Change.

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