Speed Training: Dynamic Warm-up

Anterior Hip Muscles

Speed training requires proper warm-up to prepare for the workout session. Speed training is an intensive neuromuscular activity. Proper preparation is required for successful outcome and injury prevention. Development of a dynamic warm-up routine is an important aspect of Preventing hip injuries in young athletes .  The relationship of the hip to performance is appreciated with some basic anatomy(see Anterior Hip Muscles). The hip joint is composed of the pelvis and femur. Make note of the anterior hip muscles attachment to the lumbar spine. It is this relationship of the hip and spine that spine stabilization is required during flexibility and strengthening exercises of the hip. For high level functional performance, such is sprinting, the hip is required to have normal Flexibility, Strength, Stability, and Power. There must be a balance of hip strength and mobility that allows for normal range of movement, and generation of power that propels the body forward. This balance is critical for speed development and reducing the incidence of injury.

Hip pain

Complaints of hip pain should not be ignored. Pain in the groin(anterior hip) is often thought to be a hip flexor strain. Groin pain can be referred pain from the hip. If this pain does not subside with rest, cold or heat packs, and light stretching, it is recommended that a medical specialist is consulted.

Hip Weakness

Muscle strengthening is necessary for the development of athletic performance. Speed training requires a balance of strength on the front,back, inside and outside hip muscles. For example, if the hip extensors (buttock muscles) are weak, the hamstring muscles may overcompensate and create and overuse strain. If the hip abductors, outside muscles of the hip, are weak the stresses of running may create overuse injuries of the hip and/or knee.

Speed Training

The Dynamic Warm-Up prior to sprint training, practice or competition is a vital component to performance and injury prevention. The Dynamic Warm-Up is one in a series of posts that are in store for the Athletic GamePlan. If you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave your mark, as I look forward to hearing from you.

Please view a short slide show of Speed Training:Dynamic Warm-Up.

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