Lean Fitness Start-Up

The idea of a lean approach to fitness evolved from my own pursuits, and yes failures, of implementing a new approach to my own “well-being”. It is, and continues to be my challenge: creating that time in my busy work schedule to exercise, and move my body. The impetus to “Start-Up” anything is most frequently blocked by ourselves; our own fears (failure), imbalances (energy), and self-imposed limitations (i.e. time, work, family,etc.), and already realized changes in our health (weight gain, injury, dys-ease). Don’t turn your head to these blockages. It is this looking inside, giving attention to, and optimism despite failure, or difficulty, that moves one from a static, or stuck, position toward what is possible.

Lean Fitness: Just Start

Lean Fitness: Just Start

The first step to any change process is the decision to “Start-Up” in the first place. A lawn mower does not start until we pull the cord. That is the first and most important step, start your engine. Once this is accomplished you are on your way, as long as there is fuel in the tank, a general plan or direction, an appreciation to learn from yourself and others, and a trust in the path that You have chosen. The return on investment  is your own Well-Being.

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result”   Gandhi

Being Lean, in the sense of a trimming away the excess we carry around, is only going to help in making your machine(body) more efficient, and in turn, healthy. Being Lean in your approach to fitness and health may be starting from scratch, or using minimal resources, as you progress to well-being. From the moment you Start-Upthis Lean is an efficient and productive process of achieving Wellness.  Find that vision of your youth. Use this vision, or whatever you may, as a resource for strength. Take a moment to look inside and find what may have worked in the past.

What is it that keeps you stuck?

What will it take to move you forward?

Consider Lean Fitness Start-Up the act of taking yourself from where you are now to where you would like to be. Consider that being able to lean on  someone for help and support will help in overcoming obstacles. Now  ask your self a few questions:

  • “What do I want to become?”
  • “What do I want to be able to do, that I am having difficulty, or unable to do now?”
  • Who am I beginning to rely upon now, more and more, due to my present physical state, or disability?”
  • What is that image that I want to keep in my head of that person I want to be?”

Proposal to Lean Fitness Start-Up:

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