Taking BP in Both Arms for our Patients

PT Blog, Mentoring and Consulting of Harrison Vaughan, DPT

The Lancet just put out a study to show reason it is important to take BP in both arms, versus usual left side.  I didn’t realize but this is a guideline recommended in both Britain and U.S.  I believe I was taught to do it in both arms, but honestly, never do!  Doesn’t seem very common in general medical practices either.

Not a huge implication in our practices but I often need to remind myself we are another healthcare provider that sees patients very often; more than visiting physicians.  We can be of significant implications in taking BP considering 1 in 3 have HTN, many not knowing it.  We can’t make the diagnosis but can refer out appropriately. 

We have the education of educating the patients in not only exercise guidelines, but also simple physical activity, nutrition, stress/tension relief and pain that can keep it up in dangerous levels…

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