Almond Meal Adventure Muffins


Almond Meal Adventure Muffins

I have not posted a recipe prior to this, but I could not help sharing this Almond Meal Adventure posted by Bites and Writes. What first caught my eye were some healthy ingredients. Just look at the image. Now the writer is a Mid-Westerner, so I am sure she blends her baking expertise(just kidding) with some “down home” West Coast Health Food. Please read on and tell me what you think, and how it tasted. I give Almond Meal Adventure 5 STARS.

2 responses to “Almond Meal Adventure Muffins

  1. I am so glad you enjoy this recipe! It’s my goal to combine real food with real taste, and to share along the way 🙂 Thanks for the great feedback; you rock!

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