Giving Presence to Mindful Affirmations

The Present to YourSelf: Affirmations

One of the most valuable gifts You can give is the affirmation of a positive thought, directed to Yourself, with mindful presence. The ability to learn, grow and make changes in your life are limited by your thoughts and feelings, your attitudes and beliefs. This can prevent you from moving forward, taking risks, or facing a new challenge. Being mindful of the self-talk you engage in on a daily basis allows you to connect with your own thoughts and beliefs, and affirm what truly important to you, and the possibilities that exist in your life.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life- Wayne Dyer

Why Affirmations?

Affirmations allow you to take conscious control and become more aware of your thoughts.

“When experience is viewed in a certain way, it presents nothing but doorways into the soul.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Affirmations can help reduce the negative, self-defeating thoughts that prevail in our mind. These thoughts can threaten your health and happiness.

Affirmations allow you to take control of what you say in a positive statement that is true, or has the realistic potential of being true.

Affirmations are self-directions, not self-deceptions.

Health, Healing and Happiness

Health, Healing and Happiness

When affirmations are tied to the present moment, as a mindful affirmation, you will be more engaged and centered in what is truly important to you. This may include your health, happiness, and success.

“Affirmations help you create a new reality and visualize what you essentially want out of life.”

Arlene Unger, PhD

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