Mindful of Movement and Rest

Life is Movement and Rest

Be Mindful of Both

Protective Bark

Protective Bark

If we stop all movement, our minds will become tranquil,

and then this tranquillity will bring movement once more.

 Master Taisen Deshimaru


Most people assume that meditation is all about stopping thoughts, getting rid of emotions, somehow controlling the mind. But actually it’s … about stepping back, seeing the thought clearly, witnessing it coming and going.”

Andy Puddicombe

Sometimes the protective bark of our mind and thoughts prevent us from the focused relaxation that is required to move once more. Does it take stepping into nature to make this possible? Does it take lighting a candle to remind us to rest? Can you make it a habit to stop all movement, your body and mind, and be mindful; just 10-minutes in your day. I ask this of myself as I do you. Is it this 10-minutes that will allow more to happen, and to be more mindful, whether I am in movement, or rest.

Please comment on how You can find these 10-minutes to be mindful.

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Randy Bauer

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