Low Down on Paleo Diet

The Low Down on Paleo Diet

I get people asking me frequently, What is the Paleo Diet all about? Well this infographic gives the Low Down on Paleo Diet. Quite honestly, it helped me get a better picture of what the Paleo Diet has to offer, and how close I am to following the diet myself.

My strong points and personal findings of the Paleo Diet are included:

  • I am a person that likes just about any food, combined in any mixture, or recipe.
  • I like the sources of protein, and would like to add, that just because you can eat red meat does not mean you must have a big juicy steak covering your plate every night.
  • It would be recommended that many of the meats can be added to the vegetables that you eat. Personally, I use a Wok and love a good stir fry.
  • When you use oils in cooking try to avoid overheating as this will denature the healthy benefits of the oil, such as olive oil. Try adding it toward the end of the cooking process. This will also reserve the natural flavors of the oil.
  • I enjoy a good omelette and like to mix in garlic, spinach, avocado and whatever herbs I grab from the selves. Try including herbs or veggies that have anti-inflammatory benefits such as jalapenos, peppers, garlic and turmeric. These foods are also great at boosting your metabolism.
Metabolism Boosting Foods

Metabolism Boosting Foods

  • While the Paleo diet is high in protein, try following the recommended daily intake:
    • 1.0-1.5grams/Kilogram of Body Weight(1 Kg. = 2.2 pounds).
  • Substituting milk with Almond Milk has been a great addition to my diet. The problem exists that I enjoy my Trader Joe’s Rolled Oats for breakfast.
  • The most important recommendation is avoiding processed foods and sugars . If you can adhere to this you will find empty, high glycemic foods are X-ed out of your diet. This will also reduce your carbohydrate intake from unnecessary sources that only increase your calories. Consuming carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables will only increase your fiber content in your diet.

I hope you find this Infographic valuable, and the recommendations enlightening. Read through the Paleo Diet information below and above. When completed please comment and share your own experience, recipe and, or findings.

Low Down on Paleo

Low Down on Paleo


Written by:

Randy Bauer

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