Don’t Just Sit There

The lifestyle we lead has a great impact our health. In this day and age of computers, Tv, work habits at home and in the office, and tending to our smartphones, We, as a whole, are becoming a sedentary society. The truth is, We are Sitting Way too Much!

Don’t Just Sit There, Get up and Move

Don't Just Sit There

Don’t Just Sit There

Sitting can be a major cause of poor fitness, back and neck pain, obesity and declining health. Those that spend 3-hours or more sitting in front of a television have a 64% greater chance of dying from heart disease. The likelihood of experiencing low back or neck pain is increased due to the stress on our joints, discs and muscles that result from sustained sitting postures. You can have the best ergonomically designed chair and still suffer the effects of sustained posture if you do not get up and move.

Sit or Move? That is the Question

Recommendations to avoid sitting too much:

  • Stand, rather than sit, while you are working. This will help to improve blood flow in the legs, and reduce accumulated stress in the spine. There are many options to work-stations.
  • When watching TV, get up a move whenever there is a commercial. Try standing and doing a few knee bends. Take a few deep breaths. Raise the arms over head a few times. Just don’t make a habit of running to the refrigerator every commercial break. This may take a little self-control, but you must also resist the temptation to excessive snacking.

These are just a few of many recommendations for limiting your sit time throughout the day. The bottom line is to sit less, move more, and be healthy. It is a choice we have that will reduce our bottom line(decrease obesity) and improve productivity, and well, Live Longer. That sounds like a no brainer.

Check out the infographic for more surprising data and recommendations on how sitting impacts our health.

Source: via Vision on Pinterest

Posted by Randy Bauer

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