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Why Change is Hard and Exhausting

It is interesting to know that exerting willpower over and over can have a depleting effect that drains the mind under situations of repeated self-control. If there is a task that you know will be hard, Do It First. There are tasks and responsibilities that are most challenging, and potentially draining in a day. If you perform a number of easy, or less demanding, tasks throughout the day, and save a more demanding task at the end of the day, chances are you will feel exhausted. Your stores of self-control can be depleted.

A Little Bit at a Time

When a there is a desired change that you are trying to make, try doing a little at a time. Health changes are a good example. Making a big leap in your diet by changing the number of calories you eat in a day, not snacking on your favorite sweet, or making better decisions in the shopping market, are big changes that if attempted all at once can lead to exhausted efforts toward change, or failure. This is the reason that most diets do not work. Try making a small change, or establish one habit at a time. How about making a short checklist of healthy and nutritious foods that you will eat during the day. Write this checklist on a piece of paper, or add it to your smartphone. Refer to this checklist at the beginning of the day. The checklist will make your decisions less exhausting. Start making a list of these healthy food choices so that it is a handy reference when you go shopping. Making a checklist is a great way to establish habits, and make change less exhausting.

“He who controls others may be powerful,

but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”
― Lao Tzu

Healthy Food Checklist

Healthy Food Checklist

5 Tips to Manage Your Self-Control

  • Set one specific goal: I will choose to make a checklist of healthy foods that I will eat during the day.
  • I will track my progress: I will check-off the healthy food during the day to that I will visualize the positive choices I am making.
  • Make small changes: I know that changing habits is hard, and I need to go slowly.
  • Start with small pieces: I will take the big picture and make it into small, manageable change, with the mantra, ” A little at a time”.
  • Make a Big Picture: I will have a picture of what I am pursuing. The choices I make will be in alignment with this Big Picture – Healthy and Happy.

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You hear something a lot about change: People won’t change because they’re too lazy. Well, I’m here to stick up for the lazy people. In fact, I want to argue that what looks like laziness is actually exhaustion. The proof comes from a psychology study that is absolutely fascinating.

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