Overcoming Obstacles-Back on Your Horse

Getting Back on Your Horse and Overcoming Obstacles

Back on Your Horse

Back on Your Horse

An injury can put you down, or dismount you from your desired intentions, and definitely get in the way of work, sport, and goals. Being fit and well conditioned can help prevent these injuries from occurring, reduce the severity  and down time, and Get You Back on Your Horse.

What does it take to get Back on Your Horse?

An injury can be looked as a lesson learned. Injuries are an obstacle that can be overcome by directing your energy and efforts to the healing process. Use the obstacle to direct your focus on the goal of recovery and return to play, or whatever the injury is keeping you from doing.

Injury is a time of self-reflection. It is a time to “go inside” and ask yourself a few questions.

First, What is the obstacle that is keeping You from returning to full activity? This may be gaining the strength and full function of your knee, shoulder, or back.

Next, How can You this obstacle of not having enough strength as a goal that you can concentrate your efforts?

Finally, What will be required of You to overcome this obstacle and move closer to your goal.

One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

  • Direct your focus on the obstacle.

Direct your efforts to one step at a time. Know that focusing on the next exercise or treatment process will move you closer to full activity.

  • Commit yourself to full engagement in the recovery process.

Be present with your mental energy and discipline. Perform structured physical therapy and home exercises as prescribed. Follow the doctors orders.

  • Appreciate the time away from your activity.

Time spent away from your sport or desired activity helps to reinvigorate your passions and pursuits. How important is this to You?

Using directed focus, commitment and appreciation can help you turn your obstacles into goals, and get you Back on Your Horse.

If you are having some difficulty with Your return to activity, work, or play, and need some help with directing your energy and focus to overcome some obstacle I would like to help. This may be some difficulty you have with returning to sports, improving your fitness level due to an injury, or overcoming some physical obstacle  that is keeping You from Getting Back on Your Horse.

You may leave a comment below and I will respond.

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