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Body Metric Technology

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Zephyr Technologies CEO Brian Russell has worked with everyone from Under Armour to Navy SEALS while developing innovations that increasingly drive consumer technologies.

Randy Bauer‘s insight:

Connecting and quantifying body metrics is as important to peak performance, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Having a feedback system that gives information regarding our body’s response to physical activity is undergoing leaps in technological innovation. Nike, Apple and Under Armour are two mainstream innovators.

These devices can provide valuable information regarding many of our body’s physiological status that, not that long ago, required a visit to exercise science lab. Body Metrics Tracking is becoming the buzz amongst techies and fitness enthusiasts alike. You can track your sleep, your heart rate variability (tracks overtraining), speed, distance and steps accumulated in a day.

This information, when measured over time, can provide valuable feedback regarding the response to a given training regimen, can act as a reward system, and it can be shared on social networks for accountability and competition.

This is exciting stuff. How do you use your smartphone, watch, Fitbit, or tracking device? What benefit does this provide you?

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