Incentives to Motivate Health and Wellness

Insight’s from Randy Bauer

I can see where having a cash-based incentive to reach a goal would help in motivating to new levels of performance. A discussion I caught the other day, Ed Dale, talking about a company( that has you put say $20 in the pot and if you don’t complete the task, or reach your goal the money goes to some entity. The Kicker is that it has to be a person, organization, etc. that You Totally despise. I see the Power in this. That would make it interesting.
What do You think? Have you had experience with this?

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Group Health and Wellness for Employees

This can be used with business based sales, marketing, and health and wellness programs. This would be a great group wellness program sponsored by a company where employees are challenged to meet goals in a specific period of time. There is accountability with the group format to meet health and wellness goals that improve overall employee well-being. If a goal is not met by the individual a pre-determined amount of money would be placed in a pool. This money would then be allocated to a specific organization, or entity at the end of the Challenge. A format like this would provide great individual and group motivation.

What do You think? Have you had experience with this?


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