The Chondral Lesion Associated with ACL Rupture

The Chondral Lesion of the knee in the aftermath of the ACL Rupture. A great review of the literature.

This is a must read review of the Chondral Lesion injury associated with the Anterior Cruciate Ligament

rupture of the knee. This injury is frequently seen in the young athlete. The concern is the long-term effects

this injury has on the athlete’s return to play, and progress with athletic participation.

ACL: Anatomy and Mechanism of Injury ACL:
Anatomy and Mechanism of Injury[/caption]

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy


According to Swenson et al, the third most common knee injury in high school aged athletes is pathology associated with the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) at 25.4%. Additionally, Griffin et al estimated that the total number of ACL ruptures per year approaches nearly 250,000 and a subsequent surgical reconstrucaton is perfromed in nearly 125,000 patients (Kim et al). This injury and the following surgical/rehabilitative principles have been given substantial attention in the literature over the years, however there is one factor that is often overlooked.

Articular cartilage defects, while not as prevalent as meniscal pathology, have been found in 30% of knees that recently underwent ACL reconstruction according to the findings of a recent systematic review published by Flanigan et al. Additionally, Maffulli et al found similar results in an arthroscopic evaluation of 378 knees following acute rupture of the ACL where 163 patients (43%) had…

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