Sharpen Your Mental Edge-Goal Setting

Success in athletics, as well as life, takes preparation. As athlete, you are faced with challenges that test the body, mind and emotions in pursuing your dream. There will be obstacles that you face along the way, testing your commitment, confidence and ability to focus. It will require setting goals that commit you to higher levels of performance, both on the field and in life. Developing, and sharpening, the mental edge to face these challenges will help you realize that anything is possible with preparation and discipline. The growth that takes place in the preparation and journey toward your dreams will reward you for a lifetime.

No Struggle, No Progress

No Struggle, No Progress

The key to successfully prepare for any journey is to have a destination (vision, dream, or goal), and ensure that you will have fun along the way. As you move toward these goals keep in mind the rewards of preparing for the journey.

Personal and Performance Goals

It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Setting goals give you something to strive for in your pursuits in sports, education and life. If is a goal that is important to you it will have greater meaning in the efforts that are put forth to achieve the goal. It is important to have goals that provide a challenge, as this brings out the best in this experience. This is where personal growth takes place and the strength and confidence are developed that will assist in further endeavors. Goals bring out the best in a person. If you have set a goal that is too easy effort and hard work are not realized. If you have set a goal that is too lofty the goal may not be reached. That’s okay. Goals can be reset, so don’t be discouraged.

Success Takes Action

Success Takes Action

Establishing Your Goals

Helpful points to consider as you set your goals.

  1.     Establishing goals keep you moving forward toward your dream or vision.
  2.     Establish goals that are attainable and challenge your abilities
  3.     Write your goals down, and make them visible with words and images.
  4.     Set goals that states your actions in a positive way.
  5.     Having goals that are fun and make you happy will pull, instead of push, you toward your dreams.
  6.     Make short-term goals that prepare you for long-term success.

These may be training goals (improving strength and conditioning), personal goals (study habits, family commitments, or educational pursuits), performance goals (developing a technical aspect of your routine, prepare for upcoming event, or competitive season).

Keys to Achieve Your Goals

Goals should be based on what is important in your life, and made based on this knowledge.

Placing your focus on what is front of you each step of the way.

Motivate yourself to achieve will provide the momentum for accomplishment.

As you achieve goals self-confidence will strengthen, preparing you for the next challenge.

Own Your Goals. They are yours.


My GamePlan for Success: Goals Worksheet


In setting a goal, ask yourself a few important questions that will help you define and move toward Your Goal.

1. What is the result that you want to achieve?

 Be specific how you word this. It is important to have some measure that you can define.


                    Sports: To break my personal record of 24 secs. in the 200 meters this season I Will do the training that is required to increase my speed endurance.

Training: To achieve 24 secs. in the 200 meters I Will train in practice to break 37 sec. in 300 meters, and break 17.6 seconds in 150 meters.

2. What is the purpose of achieving this goal?

 Why is this important to you?


Sports: If I break 24 sec. in the 200 meters I Will be able to qualify for the League Championship.

Training/Education: I Will realize my potential as a person and athlete are possible through the pursuits of hard work and discipline.

 3. What is my action plan for achieving the result you have put forth?

What new behaviors and practice will be required?

These may include, but are not limited to, sleep and recovery, good nutritional habits, training habits and workouts (you can set short goals here), social             obligations and positive choices, and time management for training, work/school commitments, and family relations.

4. List at least 5 Actions that will get you started.

5. List one habit that you will start today. This is your First Action to Change.

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