The Brain’s Ability to Look Within: A Secret to Well-Being

Happiness and Well-Being Begins Within

The healing power of the mind begins with focus of our internal environment. Attention to the external activities in our life, such as a computer monitor or TV screen, gets us away from connecting with our emotions. Whether these emotions are bring stress, or are positive and pleasant, giving attention to them is the first step to connecting to our internal landscape. This attention to sensations, thoughts, and  positive emotions has great influence on our well-being, and the healing power of happiness to get there.

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Tapping into our ability to turn attention inward empowers and heals.

Randy Bauer‘s insight:

An insightful look into our ability to gain a greater sense of well-being. Giving attention to our inner landscape, or mindscape, and bringing awareness to the moment has great impact on our happiness and positive emotion. Stop for a moment when feeling distressed, or just needing to wind-down from the busy-ness of the day, and take a deep breath. Then take another…

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