Kobe Bryant’s Achilles Tendon Rupture: The Role of Increased Minutes

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Kobe Bryant Achilles Tendon Rupture

Kobe Bryant Achilles Tendon Rupture

Achilles Tendon Rupture and Contributing Factors

Role of Increased Play Time

Following Kobe Bryant‘s season-ending Achilles tendon rupture, there’s much debate about the role of increased minutes during the Lakers’ playoff push in contributing to the injury. Here are at least four major factors to be considered.

Randy Bauer‘s insight:

Achilles tendon ruptures are frequently seen in the aging athlete. Kobe Bryant join the crowd. There are a number of scenarios that predipose the athlete to tendon ruptures. In Kobe’s case, the fact that he was increasing his play time, as seen by the above graph, would result in fatigue and less recovery of the the muscles and tendons. The tendons of older athletes have less than perfect circulation. This can be a cause of tendon ruptures seen in rotator cuff injuries, patellar tendon and achilles tendon ruptures.

The *weekend warrior*, which I would not consider Kobe to be, is further predisposed to injury due to poor, or less than adequate preparation for sports that require jumping, quick changes of positions and sprinting. You would find these injuries sustained in sports such as basketball, soccer, pick-up flag football games, and tennis. The *weekend warrior* must properly strengthen to meet the demands of the sport. While stretching and having good mobility is important, it is essential that the body is prepared to meet the ballistic demand of the activity.

Kobe has his work cut out for him. Adherence to a structured *physical therapy program*, proper recovery, and time will be required to meet this challenge. It is likely that 6-9 months of rehab will be required to return to running type drills, and additional 3-4 months to prepare the body for the demands of NBA-level performance. I can see he will be slashing around the court again.

I hope you gave Shawn Sorenson’s article a thorough reading.

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