The Only Physical Therapy Outcome that Matters

The Only Physical Therapy Outcomes that Matter are those that connect with the patient, not yours. It is that ability to connect and engage with our clients that open the door to improved health. Listening to the client’s story, their needs, and desires.

Asking and listening until you don’t exist.

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The importance of communicating with patients using their language, addressing their barriers, and solving the problems they want solved.

Randy Bauer‘s insight:

“Whatever the topic, conversation is more meaningful when you speak with people on their own terms– acknowledging their attitudes and behaviors around their health; understanding their motivations and concerns.” Quoted text from the blog post.

As physical therapy practitioners we must give attention to our clients. This begins with a thorough History, but most go deeper, into their Story. It is here that we make that emotional connection and truly engage with the client.

This may be one of the most important marketing efforts that we can practice, day in and day out.

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