Wellness Shift: Start-Up Lean Fitness

Wellness Shift: Start-Up Lean Fitness


To Start is to come into being.  To move forward with intention. Lean is the trimming away of excess. To travel light in your journey. Lean is also to fulfill a specific task with inspiration and the support of others. Fitness is a condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of proper exercise and nutrition.

The Start Lean Fitness Program is a 12-week Program that will guide you with support, weekly Lessons, Challenges, and Accountability to achieve what you desire in areas of your well-being. Exercise and Fitness is just one part of the commitment.

Lessons will be provided in varied formats of media: video, audio and reading. Learning to do a new task requires small tasks performed on a frequent basis. In this manner new, healthy habits are formed.

Start Lean Fitness

Are You struggling with a frustrating physical condition?

  • Recurrent aches or pains
  • Weight gain, or undesirable body weight
  • Health issues that limit Your physical vitality, or capacity to do things at home, work and leisure

It may be something that You have been contemplating, or trying to change, but have not had success in the past.

The First Step to making this change to improve Your health, fitness, or overall wellness is the intention to do something about it.

For a limited time I am offering a special 30-minute “Wellness Shift” coaching session (a $150 value) to support you in your efforts to make this happen. There is NO COST for this session.

During this intensive, 1-on-1 coaching session I will work with You to…

  • Create a clear vision for Your ultimate health, energy and physical ability – Where You Want to Be.
  • We will uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging You: weight loss, physical capacity and fitness, health issue, that feeling of low energy, or body pain.
  • Leave this session with a Game Plan, inspired to achieve what you set Your vision on NOW, and BEYOND.

To claim Your ZERO COST 30-minute Wellness Shift coaching session answer the following:

  1. What is the biggest issue that you want resolved now?
  2. How long has this been an issue?
  3. On a scale of 1-10 how important is it for you to get this issue resolved?
  4. If you achieved this how would You feel, and what would You do?
  5. Include Your full name. The best time phone number to reach You for scheduling this coaching session.

Click Here  Fill Out This Form

Click Fill Out This Form and answer the five questions, and my office will get back to You within 24-48 hours to schedule Your 1-on-1 “Wellness Shift”.

Start-Up Lean Fitness Today

If You have any questions complete the below form and I will get back to you ASAP.

Take Care,

Randy Bauer

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