Power training provides special benefits for muscles and function

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Strength training is a popular term for exercises that build muscle by harnessing resistance against an opposing force. The resistance can come from your body, or from free weights, elasticized bands, or specialized machines.

Randy Bauer‘s insight:

Strength training is not just for the gym jocks, or the high performance athletes. Power is the ability to move your body over a specific period of time. Everyday we engage in this form of activity. In our activities of daily living we are required to squat and lift, move that object some distance, or lift it overhead. Sounds to me like you are competing in the Olympics. 


To maintain a high level of function in your daily life you must continue to develop strength and convert this into power. This will maximize your functional capacity. You lose this, and you lose your capacity to engage in many activities, and gradually lose the ability to do the things that bring meaning to your life(engage in tennis, run, exert yourself on a hike). This often means that you lose the ability to maintain your social lifestyle.


So the bottom line is don’t just strengthen your body, but engage in activities that boost your power. Perform your exercises with greater exertion. This includes performing the activity with a greater rate of speed. You do not have to do this with heavy weight. Use your own body weight to begin with. When you are able to perform this exercise/activity without pain, or joint irritation, then add some dumbells or weighted object to the movement. 

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