The Practice of Healing: Physical Therapy


The Practice of Healing

I was sent a link to an LA Times article by a client/friend/patient the other day. This article struck an emotional cord.  It is the resonance of this cord that gets me up everyday and attend to my practice in physical therapy.

I am reminded of a book that I first read about six years ago. This book Heal Thy Self, by Saki Santorelli, about the patient/therapist or practitioner relation that exists in this process we call healing.  The book is an eloquent must read for those seeking or making change; for the patient as well as the health care practitioner.   

Postural Relief Stretch at Work

The impact of physical therapy on an individual’s ability to gain mobility, strength and function has many rewards. The athlete returning to sport. The worker returning to work.  The simple ability to don a sock or get off…

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