Game Plan for Success: Periodization, Year-Round Sports and ACL Injuries

Game Plan for Success

A GamePlan for Success in Athletics must include a Periodized, Year-round, training program. This will include variations or training and competitive demands. The goal is reduced exposure to injury, physical preparation and adequate recovery from training and competitive stress. A Healthy Athlete has a GamePlan.


GamePlan For Success

Soccer Performance: ACL Injury Prevention

Like any injury in sports, the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury is preventable with proper preparation. So getting started with ACL prevention begins with preparation. The ACL injury is one of the most common injuries in sport. Often resulting in 6-12 months of non-participation. It is understood that the ACL injury is dreaded by the athlete, and the soccer athlete is no exception. The frequency and incidence of ACL injury is increased elevated in year-round sports, change of direction sports, and interestingly, in the female athlete.

The Mechanism of ACL Injury

The cause of ACL injury, or mechanism, is frequently the result of a non-contact twisting or hyperextension movement occurring at the knee. This can be caused by sudden stopping(deceleration), landing with over extension (straightening), or a rotational type movement.

Frequency of ACL Injury

Injury to the ACL is frequent in…

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