Inspiration and Sweat of the Olympian’s Journey

Inspirational Stories of the Olympian

TED Blog | 10 powerful talks from Olympians and Paralympians.

The inspiration of the Olympic athlete is not so much their performance, as it is their journey. What gets me choked up is watching the short stories of the challenges and obstacles that these athletes have endured. From injury, loss, hardship and being the underdog, these athletes have a personal story, a Journey, that comes down to this Olympic stage.


    • We can watch their performance.

    • We can enjoy the pure power that they exhibit.

    • We can cheer them on to a medal performance.

Julie Foudy

The true inspiration of the Olympian’s Journey is knowing what sweat and dedication it took for them to arrive at this competitive pinnacle. This is what we are cheering on this Olympic year. I have had the pleasure to work throughout my Physical Therapy career with a few Olympians, and must say that they all possessed that Olympian character. The individual that stands as a true leader, human being and inspiration to me is Karch Kiraly, now a coach for the Women’s Volleyball Team. Congratulations Karch from Bauer Physical Therapy.

Olympic Training

Karch persevered on the indoor and beach volleyball courts, winning 3 Gold Medals despite facing the challenges of injury and age in a youth dominant sport.

My cheers go out to all the Olympians of 2012 for the inspiration that they provide, the sweat and hard work that got them where they are, and their journey.

That’s what the Olympics are all about 

The Journey of the Athlete

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